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What does a graphic designer do?

If you are looking for career options that are creative and lucrative at the same time, then graphic designing could be one field you should definitely consider. Check out this blog to get a fair idea of what does a graphic designer do or what it all entails.

Graphic designers are people who create visuals that communicate a message through visuals. The success lays not in the graphic itself, but the fact that if it achieves the result it intends to achieve. It could be as simple as a shape and colour, but if the viewer understands the concept behind it, you can consider yourself as having good graphic designer skills.

Do’s and Don’ts of Graphic Designing Skills

To achieve good graphic designer skills, you:

  • Don’t need an artistic inclination

    Art is inborn, whereas graphic designing skills are learned. Artists work is inspirations, involve emotions, etc. where each viewer interprets differently. A graphic designer’s role is to be able to communicate one message across different audiences.

  • Don’t need to specialized academic skills

    In graphic designing, we need more personal experiences than degrees. For example, designing a brand, we have to feel the pulse of the brand’s customer than the in-depth knowledge of the actual brand we are projecting.

  • Don’t need big spending

    To get started, the requirements are basic. If your computer has the basic configuration and few software related to graphic designing, it will suffice your needs. As you gain exposure and confidence, you will automatically be able to afford advanced versions to help your requirements.

Now let’s look at a few do’s:

  • Tech savvy

    Since the majority of graphic designing is digital, to be well informed and proficient in computers and modern technology is an advantage. It enhances your learning process and helps you to produce better results than if you lack this quality.

  • Visual thinking capabilities

    Since graphic designing skills mainly involve the projection of ideas through visuals, one’s capability to translate ideas to visuals is very important. The primary aim is to be able to make the viewer understand the concept through our graphic designs, so we have to visualize the idea such that it comes across as intended.

  • Well equipped with related software

    This can be acquired over the process of learning how to become a graphic designer. Certain software aid to master our graphic designer skills in a big way. Some of the widespread used software are Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc., depending in which field you are working. For example, Illustrator is used widely in creating logos, Photoshop and CorelDraw is used in image editing or web designing, etc.

Specializations under graphic designing

Graphic designing is a collective term, which involves many areas of specialization. A few among many include:

  1. Art Direction: Managing to get the work done in a smooth, cost-effective and timely manner.
  2. Brand Identity Developing: Creating graphic displays/designs for products of the clients.
  3. Visual Image Developer: Designing and creating images through photography, image editing, etc.
  4. Web Designing: Creating pages for websites with graphic, pictures, layouts, etc.
  5. Visual Journalist: Creating infographics that are used in the print and digital medium.
  6. Logo Designing: Expressing a brand in a unique from that of its competitor.

To Sign Off

The role of a graphic designer is becoming increasingly important because of media expansion either through digital or print medium. Hence, graphic designing as a career option seems viable.

In India, many institutions big and small offer various in their curriculum pertaining to graphic designing. Given the diversity of the field, it is important to gauge ones potential and interests, the choice of course and institution may become a dilemma.

Doing a little research before we make a decision is a worthwhile exercise you should engage in considering the pros and cons of the field. Hopefully this post will help you decide the right career move.

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