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Everything you wanted to know about being an entrepreneur

Business is a passionate affair. It is more grit and hard work and nights of losing sleep and holding onto to your passion, in the face of all adversity. People no longer wish to retire at the age of 60 or even older. Passion transcends restrictions like age and even physical conditions these days considering how everything has gotten digital now, there is nothing that can stop you from pursuing your business idea.

A common dilemma – when to start and what to start

Before you consider taking up a business, you need to think of the worse that you might encounter in the course of your pursuit. Businesses can be anything but predictable. So when you get into it for real, you obviously would have question.

A few of the common questions you come across usually are, “would this turn over to be profitable?” “Would it work out for my employees and me?” “Would the logistics work out eventually?” And a question we all are not too privy to these days, “how to start a start up?” or “how to start a start up with no money?“. Here are some ways to begin your startup on the right note –

1 – Taking a structured approach helps

Before you start up a business, there is a lot that goes into it. It is like making a recipe. You need to get the ingredients in place first, and then you need to follow protocol. How to start a start up is something similar to cooking up your favourite dish.

Now, that being said, you need to keep a few things out before you consider actuating your dreams. You need to shore out all those thoughts that keep you from exercising your plans. Anais Nin once said, “we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” A negative outcome may be a probable and most certainly inevitable outcome. But whosoever said that is the end of it all?

2 – Persistence – The Secret Receipt to Entrepreneurial Success

The finest line between people who try and people who succeed is the fact that the try-ers gave up when it mattered the most. They gave up after the first downfall. And that is because you, as an aspirant businessman / entrepreneur gave more power to your negative thoughts. It is nothing out of the blues though. It is just a fleeting thought in your mind, caught within the confines of your consciousness, which makes you think about it longer than necessary, and soon it metastasizes in to something very unhealthy.

Hence, when you think of having your own startup, you first need to de-clutter your mind. You need to clean all the mess that keeps you from going for what you plan. More often, the fear of failing is what increases the amount of negative thoughts.

For those of you who would not know this, but business is a regular series of successes and failure from which businesses learn and grow.

You could name any conglomerate in the world and they would tell you that they have had their fair share of failures to be where they are today. Steve Jobs from Apple is the perfect example – he was once shunned from his own company. But he persisted, came back better than before and turned Apple into the multi-billion dollar money-spinner it is today.

Nothing in this world can be achieved without failures, and the sooner you accept it, the better your business will benefit from it.

3 – Set your goals

Business, in all its essentiality, is a precise game. You need to set your goal, and proceed towards it will all your might, which is to say, using all your resources. How to be an entrepreneur is something you would learn when you associate yourself to a ball player on a court. The higher the goal, the more the obstacles you will face, for the fact here is simple: life is not half as fun is your goals don’t have goalkeepers.

You need to set a target audience that you can be sure about of as potential customers. It could be anything. If your brand caters to toys between the age range 4-15 years, then that is your target audience, and what comes along as a target audience are parents, who would enable your target audience to get what they want. How to start a start up with no money involves you doing a thorough research into what counts and what does not.

4 – Improve the direction of your resources

Quite often it has been observed that young entrepreneurs witness their efforts not paying off the way they intend to. This is because their efforts are not concentrated. Concentrating your resources towards audiences who will go the extra mile to buy what you have to offer. And this is the ultimate answer to your classic, “I want to be an entrepreneur where do I start?” question. How to be an entrepreneur is something that is naturally answered when you master the art of directing your skills and resources in the right manner.

Once you get that right, the next thing you need to factor in is time. Any strategy is bad strategy is it is not time sensitive. You need to ensure that everything happens within the stipulated period of time, else you would witness an evident wastage of resources. This being the very manner in which failure is spelt. It is natural for you to not succeed too well within the confines of time, but once you do get a hang of it, it works wonders.

Not letting fear of failure get you down cleanses your sight and makes you see your objectives clearer. Usually, people hesitate giving in to risks owning to the same thing. Calculated risks are most welcome in business. And they are highly encouraged by marketing gurus. More often than not, they pay off. In case they do not, you have knowledge of one more way in which it may not.

Some viable startup ideas for today

We are in an era where having an idea is all it takes to make it happen. Grit and determination and a doglike persistence fuel your will to make it happen. Being a businessman or an entrepreneur is now a matter of choice. And here is how you can be one, if you really wish to be one.

1. Making chatbots

Businesses these days are entirely digital. Inculcation of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the key to making your business a big deal. These present themselves as the trendiest upgrades a company can make.

In ways more than one, it shows your audiences that you are at par with technological advances. Incorporation of chatbots could, irrespective of which business you have, render a personalised touch to your online presence. This would open up a pathway for your audiences to reach you.

2. Digital Marketing

This is one of the most crucial factors of a budding business. It certainly therefore requires a thorough share of background knowledge. Without it, it would shooting an arrow in the darkest alley.

Getting equipped with tools that stream your marketing process is a mandate these days. In the presence of online digital marketing, and social media marketing, marketers have newer means to play around with.

Things that elevate your digital presence are: meta descriptions, right titles, tags and categories, relevant images and meaningful SEO content that go with it.

3. Social media consulting

Regardless of what your target audience is, as long as it walks on two legs and has opposable thumbs, and a smartphone, you can be rest assured that the person is on facebook, twitter, Instagram, or any such social media platforms.

Marketing on these huge platforms would prove to be beneficial as you would have all your audiences at one place, and your content would be viewed by all. It is considered to be this one-point source to all your audience catering you need to do, minus the reality of it, as it is all virtual.

You would not even need to step out of your house to execute these marketing strategies. That is how empires are being created these days.

Check major required marketing or selling skills for your business.

With these tips you can be well on your way to running your own thriving business. With a bit of discipline, determination, and persistence, you can make it happen, as your audience turnover increases exponentially. More and more people are inquiring about your brand, your chatbots are afire. These are signs that you are making all the right waves in the field you are in. Being a businessperson in today’s day and age is just a matter of will. All that matters is you having the will to be in it, wholeheartedly.

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