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Tips to Turn into a Pro in Online Photo Selling

You will agree with me that a majority of us has a Smartphone with reasonably good features including a camera. Most of you also might be active on a social media network or a micro-blogging site. It is also true that you will feel elated when a member on these sites appreciates the pics posted. If you are a pro, you might be interested to know that there are many buyers for a great snap. Yes, you read it right.

A DSLR camera can do wonders for you in this endeavor. This would greatly enhance the chances of online photo selling services and pour you some passive income. Well, if so, you are let’s flip through the details.

Identify your Forte

Everyone has some pattern in the respective niche area and try to follow the pattern of their interest. You are the best judge in finding that forte area which could etch an impression in the mind of the viewer. You can hone the skills in the area where your heart lies and pursue to excel in the specialized line. Exclusive sunrise, sunset or simply landscaping photographs are aplenty. Therefore, be selective when uploading the image online. You can find out the potential demand for the particular with the help of a keyword search. There are many online photo selling apps meet your expectation.

Support of Social Platforms

The members of the photo-sharing social platforms like the Instagram, FriendFeed or the Tumblr can be of great help to widen the viewership. There are also some platforms who sell a license to use your photographs. You can also link multiple accounts for easy management of photo-sharing. You can think of free online photo selling app like the Foap, Snapwire, Clashot etc.

You can also opt for IFTTT which is a free online photo selling tool in creating the integration among various apps.


It is a simple process to enhance the visibility of your pics simply by hashtag on Instagram. The benefits connected with the Hashtag would follow automatically once you get insight into the process. This would work as a marketing tool for you.

Combining Other Services

Instead of having multiple sites exclusively, you can integrate all the services like—showcasing the photographs, e-commerce including the payment gateway—which would boost up the sales potential.

Online Image Selling Sites

There are some best online photo selling services sites which could be a better option for your photographs and vector images.

  • Fotolia
  • Alamy
  • Shutterstock
  • Dreamstime
  • iStockphoto
  • Bigstock

By availing the services from the above, you can sell the photos in an unlimited manner. This is an opportunity to ensure continuous money in your cash chest.

A word of caution—you should go through the terms and conditions of each of the website so that there are no surprises subsequently. Check up whether the fine print includes any property rights or exclusivity, which some sites insist on. If so, you cannot sell the products on multiple sites.

Marketing is the Ultimate Tool

It all depends as to how you market your product. The keywords and the tags you use for the products will attract more views which should translate into potential sales.

You need not be a highly professional photographer to capture great pics. You can concentrate on flash lighting, diffusers, and reflectors while focusing the image. Of course, everyone might not become rich through online photo selling methods. But you can certainly supplement a regular source of income and satisfy your passion for the talent.

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