Things Your Smartwatch Should Be Doing

There was once a time when the hands of a watch would dictate your schedule. Now, they help you manage it. Changing times demand watches that adapt. Smartwatches, for that matter, have paved the way for effective technological integration into everyday lives. Simply put, your watch is much more than what it once was and clearly, you do not seem to be complaining.

Your watch does all that your laptop would, minus the weight and infinite times the portability and ease to carry around. Smartphones once were considered the height of portable computing, but when has technology ever been content with its own advancements?

Smartwatches have been on every geek’s radar for a long, long time and it comes by as little surprise. A computing device that moves with you, wherever you go. It keeps you connected all the time, so you miss nothing. All that matters these days is what the mail or message is about and not how it looks, which makes a smartwatch handier.

However, the question remains, is the smartwatch you have the smartwatch you deserve?

New Smartwatches have simplified life beyond expectation, yes. But could there be more that it could do? Here we look at a few things a smartwatch could.

1. Finding things

One of the most common reasons to not make it on time anywhere is because you waste a considerable amount of your time rummaging through your mess, finding your phone or your keys, or your car keys. If it is a massive parking lot, then even your car. If smartphones could somehow help you locate your phone by making it ring or your car to beep every time you tap your watch, there’d be nothing like it.

2. Verbal commands

The touchscreen has proved to be a boon on levels more than one. However, when the dimensions of a device are as small as a watch, your fingers start feeling too huge to get anything done. Only if smartwatches could operate on voice commands and do everything it does based on verbal instructions, it would be good for people with not-so-slender fingers.

3. Makes commute easier

Real-time updates when you are on the move helps you a lot. Once you are aware of when is the next train lined up or how far away is your uber cab, you can time yourself accordingly and be there just in time – not too early, not too late. Being notified about commute specifications could just be one of the top android smartwatches feature.

4. Allowing gesture control

Imagine stepping into your house and the lights come on just like that? Would feel really plush, right? This could happen if your appliances are able to detect your smartwatch’s presence and turn on or off accordingly. Turning the TV off would no longer be a thing to remember. Smartwatches that allow gesture control could make the experience simply brilliant.

5. On spot ratings and reviews

Instead of logging into your favourite food review site to leave a review, how would it be if your smartwatch detects your location and allows you to review it on spot? Saves you the hassle and makes the review more natural and as unadulterated as possible.

New smartwatches are out there in the market, revolutionizing modern day lifestyle as the hours go by. It is time that these features, or features even cooler than these, show up. Does technology fail to stun us?

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