Beard growth oil – The Rising Industry

Beard growth oil: One of the most common beard care product that has been a major aspect of sales worldwide is beard oil. The beard oil industry has seen a sudden rise in sales in the past few years. And by the looks of its popularity, it does not seem to be fading off anytime sooner.

These days, there is pride in the swirl of a man’s moustache. The thicker the foliage on the face, manlier is the appearance. Though there once was an era where the metropolitan, clean-shaven face was the big deal, we quite seemingly are back to our cave dwellers roots, appearance-wise.

If reports are to be believed, beard care is now approximately a Rs. 100-crore market today, suggests TOI. This somehow is not all that surprising considering mass influences like sports personalities and film actors don facial bushes with utmost pride.

Getting a bushy beard does not come very naturally to all. Assistance in terms of beard growth oil goes a long way to make the youth social media worthy and mind you, there are specifications that come with a beard. Wiry beard is a big turn-down, quite evidently. Men these days are in pursuit of a more lustrous and aromatic beard bush. Get the best beard oil and the product has all the necessary information how to use beard oil etc.

The trend of donning beard has turned into a hype these days. Seems like clean-shaven men have gone extinct. The hype has gone as far as to have a whole movement dedicated to it (No Shave November). These things contribute to the growing category of male grooming. Grooming industries are thereby milking the opportunity for all its worth. Euromonitor data suggests that the male grooming market due to beard growth oil and other such related products sees a staggering turnover of more than $6 billion.

This growing trend of donning bushy beards has lead to the decline of the shaving product industry. Consequently, it has given rise to a new male archetype so humongous that it can be represented via demographics in board meeting of giant grooming conglomerates around the globe.

It is not difficult to spot the origination of this trend. A simple swipe through social media platforms would suggest where the trend has managed to catch all the fire. With trending hashtags like #BeardGang and #Beardo, it comes as no surprise why more and more men these days are abandoning the razor.

Reports suggest that male grooming market has increased by 42% in the last five years. Financially speaking, this means good business for men’s grooming products. Emami director Harsha Agarwal says, “Men are no longer satisfied by using women’s or unisex products like earlier. They want products that cater to their specific needs meant only for men.”

Metrosexuality has taken a new bushy form and men are out there grooming themselves like the primitives once did. Going back to roots never seemed classier and up-trending like it does now. As grooming industry flourishes in the wake of the rising trend, it is yet to be seen as to how long does bushy beard seem to fascinate men all over the world.

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