Beard growth oil – The Rising Industry

These days, there is pride in the swirl of a man’s moustache. The thicker the foliage on the face, manlier is the appearance. Though there once was an era where the metropolitan, clean-shaven face was the big deal, we quite seemingly are back to our cave dwellers roots, appearance-wise.

If reports are to be believed, beard care is now approximately a Rs. 100-crore market today, suggests TOI. This somehow is not all that surprising considering mass influences like sports personalities and film actors don facial bushes with utmost pride.


Things Your Smartwatch Should Be Doing

There was once a time when the hands of a watch would dictate your schedule. Now, they help you manage it. Changing times demand watches that adapt. Smartwatches, for that matter, have paved the way for effective technological integration into everyday lives. Simply put, your watch is much more than what it once was and clearly, you do not seem to be complaining. Your watch does all that your laptop would, minus the weight and infinite times the portability and ease to carry around. Smartphones once were considered the height of portable computing, but when has technology ever been content with its own advancements?

Why custom app development is on rise?

The rapid rise of broadband services, launch of low- cost data carrier, Reliance Jio and Government push towards technology has fueled the demand for the mobile apps a little more. Experts point out towards the fact that soon these apps will become a de-facto part of our lives. Hence, every business whether it is traditional or modern in approach needs to hire an app development company to build a customize app.

How to Get Started with Being an Internet Security Consultant?

A business consultant is an expert in a particular field who works as an advisor either to a company or to another individual. Every year companies spent huge money on consultation as they understand the value that consultants bring. What separates a good consultant is a passion and drive for excellence. A good business consultant should be knowledgeable about the subject he or she is consulting on. That does make a difference.


What one can learn as an Online Dating Consultant?

Importance of an online dating consultant in today’s times

We find ourselves in an era where having OkCupid and Tinder and Bumble on your phone is something one can easily get away with. An online dating consultant would keep getting a barrage of messages about dating apps so zany that one would not be able to speak of them with a straight face.


The Advantages of Appointing a Company Secretary

Recent developments as per the 383A of Companies Act, 2013 demand that every company having a paid-up share capital of Rs. 5 crores shall have a whole-time secretary. Owing to the implementation of new sections and rules by the Companies Act, 2013, companies now have to appoint a whole-time secretary if they fall under the mentioned category.


Why digital marketing jobs for freshers?

There was a time when print media and television ruled the roost, but nowadays with the advent of technology, digital marketing services has become a key strategy for a business. The numbers written here further stems our belief in the fact that the digital marketing will prosper and grow.